I got a simple question?

I dated and had my fun ages 17-21. All those relationships failed. I'm now 24. In the last 3 years i made my own business and have been working hard nonstop since. I make roughly 80k-130k a year. It's not easy sometimes i even sleep 4 hours a day and it keeps me real busy. I even bought an amg mercedes car.

The point is i no longer look at girls like i used too. Like i will just think she's hot but i don't want to date anymore. I'm more concetretad in my business then chasing girls. All my friends ask me if i'm gay since i never get at them. Is this normal? it's almost as if i know already things are not going to workout since i'm young etc


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  • I am a serial dater
    My sex life gets so mentally exhausting that I constantly need down time from it.

    (smiling (
    I am on one now.
    Peace xo


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  • What job? Sounds like you doing decent pal well done


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