Guys, hello! I have this question its killing me. Does he like me?

Guys, hello! I have this question its killing me! This guy and I we went out he bought me a set of roses but because this lady came and tell in front of us "come on buy some flower to your girlfrnd" we looked at each other and start laughing he bought at the end. Then we went to a club an dance and had a few shots I drank a bit more but we where both conscious he was more than I hahaa the we are getting out and he holds my hand normal and then he intertwined his fingers for a moment we stop holding hands and then he hold it back together and done. Okay in person we talk really really good but its rarely wen he talks to me on fb chat what does. This means? 🙊


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  • I don't FB or text girls. If I care about them I try to spend time with them in person. Positive feromones are irreplaceable. Perhaps this chap is the same.


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