After being in a relationship for three years and having a child together, how often am I supposed to tell my girlfriend she is beautiful?

I have been with the same woman for almost three years, we have a beautiful daughter and another on the way. But we just don't touch each other near as much as we used to nor do we hardly even spend time in the same room anymore, and if we do, we usually end up fighting. She tells me I don't make her feel beautiful like I used to, or touch her like I used to. For me the feeling is mutual. When I say nice things she tells me I'm just saying that or if she asks if I want sex and I say yes, she tells me, "no you don't, you don't want me." But I do, She still has the power to make me hard by barely touching me, and I find her very sexy, I guess I just figure after 3 years I shouldn't have to tell her every time I see her like I used to. Maybe I am just an asshole. But at the same time, sometimes our sex gets cut short by her bitching because I touched her wrong, or tried to give her oral and she didn't want it so she yells at me, and excuse me for not exactly being in the mood while I'm getting bitched at. So I just stop. Ladies I want some opinions. I mean, she doesn't exactly make me feel like her guy from Vamp Diaries either. Its mostly her telling me what I am doing wrong, and even if I do what she asks, just not exactly how she would have done it. How do we stop fighting and make each other feel loved and sexy before we lose each other, because I fear that isn't far down the road. Lately, instead of pics of us and our daughter, she is putting up beautiful pics of herself as her cover photo on Facebook, and putting sexy selfies of herself on these Facebook cites. I know she is doing it for the compliments from men, but it makes me jealous and I fear one of these days she's going to believe the bs one of these guys is feeding her and go meet them or something. What can I do, and maybe what can I ask of her without getting sent to the couch for the week. I mean, I figure some if these are pretty common problems, and I know they can all be solved. This is only my second relationship longer than a couple months, the first didn't end so well. I need some help ladies. Other then 7 years before I met her I have just been the type of guy who never settled down and was really just a player. But I gave that up for her, but never really being in relationships and having a hard time talking about my feelings is really hurting our relationship. Please help. Not hopelessly lost yet, but lost in love! HELP


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  • Dude. Pump the breaks. Start over.

    She's feeling like you're just with her because you don't know any better. The relationship is blah. Get a babysitter. Take her out somewhere fancy. Go dancing. Do something romantic. Ignite the spark again. Make her feel like her prebaby self.


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  • Went through the same thing but I was married and had a house and 3 kids with her, after about 7 years she started cheating on me secretly by going out with her friends and then staying out all hours of the night. Still dealt with this for more years for kids sake but finally getting divorced. You still have a chance if you go to couples counseling and try to do more things together , maybe tell her how nice she looks at times but be subtle so it doesn't seem fake


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  • Does she has post natal depression

    • She did, but been doing better. Just find it weird she is suddenly wearing a lot of makeup to work when she never used to. She doesn't even need makeup to look beautiful, just has that natural beauty, you know. I mean, with the makeup she looks fu**ing amazing, but she never even used to wear anything more then a little cover-up. Now it's like she's going all out And putting her pics all over Facebook.

    • Ok she hates her appearance or is desperately trying to look sexy

    • If you consciously make an effort to have a date night every week, maybe then she's knows you aren't bullshitting her for real. Cheer her up by getting her flowers now and then and write a short and sweet note.

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