Guys, What does it mean when your boyfriend does not text you. His activity on social media is not active. When you call his phone it goes straight?

To voicemail? .. It does not ring at all... Called his phone 5 times and it went to voicemail. My friend told me... Maybe he left the country and did not tell me about it. Which is weird bc his last activity was on Monday.. He even messaged me to hang out at noon... His last activity on social media was 7 pm. I replied to his text at 4 pm. Which he never rresponded. What is going on? Advice? ..


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  • He could be sick, could have an ill family member, or maybe he just got tired of the "social media." :)

    Give him time and offer him your friendship and support. That's all you can do. :)

    • Actually he broke his phone but didn't bother to tell me until i called

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    • Yeah, that's too bad. Sorry. Doesn't bode too well.

    • Yeah. Thank u

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