My boyfriend started liking this girl right after we broke up?

we finally got back togather but he tells me he never really really liked her but for some reason im still bothered by thinking how he liked this girl right after what do i do? its been like 2 months now but everytime she posts a picture i just want to cry.
  • is it wrong that I'm still upset
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  • or should i just get over it
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  • You need to get over it... He is with you and not her, but I think it was wrong he got involved with her... Is it possible things ended with you guys because he liked her and then saw things were better with you and came crawling back?

    • he texted her on instagram and they were going to meet up and i told him if he he meets up with her were done for ever

    • and he came back to you so she isn't that good. I would insist that she is out of his life though otherwise he cannot be trusted to not do the same thing again.

    • it reminds me of this song:

      know that she most likely had no substance and was maybe prettier but not better than you x

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  • just get over it. he probably started to try to have feelings as a rebound and to get over you. either way i don't think he meant it. you guys both sound young.

  • Just move on.

  • just move on.

  • He most likely had decided or tried to have sex with her but he realized he couldn't so he settled and came back to you


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