Guys, is having tinder cheating... When u are in a relationship and is cheating or lying when u dont tell ur partner everything?

My boyfriend does not tell me everything and i find out stufff... Why does he do this.. He says it is not cheating but trust issues. If its trust issues how do i gain his trust?


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  • tinder can also be used to meet new people and hangout, especially if you're visiting a new area. shady as fuck but it still happens.

    • So would he be cheating on me... As he says he is liking pics only as he does on instagram or on facebook... He says his froend downloaded it for him... And won't be deleting it!!!

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    • just take some time to think on it, you don't have to decide now. and hey thanks, if ya ever need an ear you can borrow mine lol.

    • Lol thanks... He has not responded yet... In regards to the fight ystrd.. I even wonder if he will wish me for my bday in 2 days... is it ego. .. Stubborn.. Or jass... lol no prob.. U r awsum..

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