Why did he unfollow me on Instagram?

So this Sunday I had a fight with my ex, because on Saturday night me and my bestie were out with his friends, but later that night we met two hot guys and stayed with them... And my ex texted me on fb on Sunday and said that we're stupid that we bailed on them like that for some other dudes... Of course I fought back and I was really mean. Meaner then him. It came to the point where I unfriended him (this was sunday). But today he unfollowed me on Instagram. Oh and he's with his ex again. At least the last time I checked he was, but now I don't understand this strange behavior. Please help. Xoxo


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  • What exactly don't you understand? The fact that he unfollowed you or the fact that he's back with his ex or the fact that he chewed you out about the other guys?

    • Actually.. pretty much everything... he simply confuses me soo much!!!

    • You unfollowed him first = he hit back on Insta.
      You left him to talk to other guys = embarrassing for him in front of his friends & a sign he's not that important to you anymore.
      He's now back with his ex = you were hanging out with him but chose other guys over him and so he thinks it will hit a raw nerve by getting back with his ex.

      He's trying to hit you where it hurts with exes and social media to PROVE that he too has moved on with life.

    • Yes you do have a point... But on a way I haven't... I just wish he'd say something normal to me and talk normally with me..

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  • what the hell is so strange about that? you bailed on him, were a bitch to him, and then unfriended him. why would he keep following you on instagram? and why wouldn't he move on? lol

    • He was the one that started the fight. Its none of his business with who I party? He called me stupid for god's sake.

    • he was the one who started the fight, so he was mad obviously, so he had a reason to unfollow you on instagram. simple as that.

  • He doesn't want anything to do with you anymore.
    He has removed you from his life, also if he is with another female, he probably doesn't want your existence in his world to cause issues in his world because she may not like you being in it.

    • He didn't remove me from snapchat though. And he barely even uses Instagram so if he would want that he would remove me from snapachat I think

    • His girl doesn't know about that one and he can check out your story stuff without you knowing. Plus he may want to try and get nudes in times of need.

  • he's trying to get a reaction from you.

    • That actually sounds like him haha

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