Should I give up or hang on a bit longer?

I met a guy (online, of course) and we hung out once 3 weeks ago. Before we hung out we would text each other everyday. He would usually text me in the morning and we would talk all day. After our date he still texted me, but not as often. Now, 3 weeks later, and 2 "rescheduled" dates later, he doesn't initiate conversation with me. If I initiate conversation he's all "babe" this and "hun" that and says he wants to see me again. He has a child and works a lot and has a very ill mother. This seems a bit strange, and I always thought that whole "if a guy likes you he will want to see you or talk to you" or whatever crap was true. Should I consider this a dead end or should I hang on a bit longer? And another thing...should I bother to ask him if he is still interested?


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  • It's true if a guy likes a girl he'll want to be with her, just like when you like someone you want to be with him. If you like him I would hang in there but I wouldm't ask him if he's still interested, no sense in giving him any pressure in case he is having family problems right now. Just give him the benefit of the doubt & if he keeps putting off seeing you then ask him. Also try calling him on the phone where it.s easier to tell by the tone of his voice, see if he talks like he does in his texts. Go with your gut feeling.


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  • Hang on a bit longer

  • well, the whole "if a guy likes you he will want to see you or talk to you" or whatever crap IS true.

    if I like a girl I want to see and talk to her.

    it's as simple as that.

    maybe talk to him about it.

    ask him what's up and what he feels about the situation.


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