Guys, What does it mean when a guy says "I have two heads to think with, I offer you both"?

We are texting a lot, and the other night we were talking about getting into a relationship. And since he said before that he is looking for a friend with benefits, and I said I am looking for a real relationship, I told him again that we dont want the same thing. I dont want to have just sex with him but something more, he said that he has two heads to think with and that he is offering me both. Does that mean he changed his mind about friend with benefits thing?


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  • I don't think so. I think he's offering to be a friend AND a fuck friend, but nothing else really seems to indicate more than that.

    I mean, if that's his idea of proposing a "real" relationship, then he's probably not someone you want to be with in the first place.

  • No it doesn't. Sorry :|


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