Is this the friendzone? Cause I never been in it?

Im vibing with this girl, ask to take her out, she said cool, but she never followed through with it.. talked to her a little bit more, 2weeks later i asked her "when you tryna hangout, i feel you got a wall put up, she said "i dont think im as interested as you are, so its kinda hard for me to break any of that wall down" i said i respect how straight up about it you was,... im not ending communication with you because you said that, you a kool chick, ill be in touch every once in a while, she said "your a cool dude and your silly, i like that, and thanks.. this sound like some friendzone Sh*t, if im in that, tell me how to get out


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  • She obviously doesn't want to date you but seems to enjoy your company as a friend. If you can't handle being just friends and seeing her with other guys then just stop communication with her, but be polite if you run into each other.


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  • It's not the friendzone, because it seems like you do have a shot at some point.

    • So just play it smoove then?

    • That's right, but keeps your options open and be on the lookout for other girls you may want to date. Don't pin your hopes on this girl alone.

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