I have been dating this guy for 2 1/2 months and I am starting to fall for him, he still has online dating site up?

We have spent every weekend together almost since meeting. I have met a lot of his friends and we have had some very memorable amazing times together. Also, the sex is incredible! Last time we had sex it was for 2 hours, looking in eachothers eyes like very intense. We met on a dating website. I had a weird feeling to look at his profile and it said he now lives in Seattle... but he doesn't, he lives in Florida! He was just there 3 weeks ago visiting... and he mentioned he would be interested in moving there in the next year or so. I am so confused. I tried bringing up the fact that I really like him and wanted to know what he though and he replied back well I dont have a ring in my pocket... and I was like no I want to know if I am just a weekend fun girl and he said no i like you. But it says he logs in to his account everyday and this Seattle thing is very weird. Should I ask him about it? My feelings are intensifying everytime I see him. He lives an hour away and we both work a lot so it is hard to see other. I am not going to see him this weekend because he is going "to visit his family" but I have a 3 days weekend planned with him the following weekend. I don't even know if I should go!! Should I do this in person or on the phone?
  • He is playing you and keeping you around for a good time
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  • He might be moving at a slower place so just continue to go with the flow
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  • Ask him if we are dating and why his profile says he lives in Seattle
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Also his texting is not as often as it was in the beginning... I feel like maybe I should just not text him back for like a day or two at a time and distance myself? Good idea?


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  • reading just the title and the first few sentences I thought that it sounded to me like you two just needed to establish that you guys are exclusive but then I opened and read on

    -look at his profile and it said he now lives in Seattle
    ... suggests to me that he was hoping to maybe meet a fling in seattle
    -he replied back well I dont have a ring in my pocket
    ... crass rude and suggests that he doesn't really feel serious enough to take things serious

    unfortunately it sounds to me like he's biding his time til something else comes along. it sounds to me like you are much more into him than he is into you. I think if you really want to press the issue you should tell him that you would like it if the two of you were exclusive and ask him if he would take down the dating profile. but the fact that it's up, that he changes it and checks it everyday suggests that he is still searching the field

  • It sounds a bit odd. Long distance relationships almost NEVER WORK. HE IS PLAYING YOUR ASS.

    • so should I just call him and talk to him about it and cancel this upcoming weekend getaway with him?

    • Yes, call him first and figure out where he stands and why he wants you out of all the women out there. Don't be fooled by weekend getaways. I use to do this to women all of the time.

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