New to dating, how should I ask this girl out?

This past weekend I went to a college party with a friend and he tried hooking me up with a girl he knew from one of his classes. We three hung out during the party and talked about random stuff, my friend giving me the signal to ask for her number which I did. The day after the party I texted her and the first few messeges were going well as she was asking me questions back. When I started to ask her what her major was the next day she replied back but the conversation started going downhill. I ended up screwing up the last text by leaving it close ended, leaving no hope for a reply back. Its a full day later and she hasn't replied. Normally she would reply back by the end of the day considering that she is busy with school and work. My goal was to text her that we should hang out when she has some free time since we both go to the same university, but I couldnt find the right time to text her that. In a way I felt that I was boring her by asking her all those questions, but I am really inexperienced when it comes to texting women. A bit about myself, I am 22 years old a senior in college, never asked a girl out or better yet had a girlfriend. From what my friends tell me, I am attractive and constantly tell me that if I try a bit harder that I should have no problem attracting women. The thing is whenever I try to make the first step with women I constanlty end up screwing it up. I really liked this girl and wanted to ask her out but it seems that I blew it once again. I most likely won't get the chance to ask her out since l unintentionally close ended the conversation. If she doesn't end up texting me back, should I text her back within a few days? if so what should I text her? and how should I ask her out without coming off as being desperate? would also like some advice on how to text women that you are attracted to, Thanks!


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  • Sounds like she started to lose interest, If she likes jokes send her something funny that would make her day. unfourtinatley I can't put in any link but if you look in google funny pics there is very cute baby picture with Mr. Bean head saying "hello, how are you?" I think she would answer and then just ask her out. Don't overthing phrases, just make it simple.
    Good luck, friend!


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