When girls won't give a clear answer?

I've been back in touch with a girl that friend zoned me. I've an exam this Saturday and two weeks agao i was texting her and we were talking about bars and i said after my exam we must hit some of the snobby bars in town' joking, she texted back saying she's never been to that type of bar before and i said neither was i, i was only joking, the normal ones do me.

Then last Friday, we were emailing from work and she reminded me that my exam will soon be over and i said 'yeah it will, not forgotting about a few drinks after works on Saturday if your about, no rush plenty of time we can discuss next week.
The reply i got was 'your almost there :) he he. then went on talking about something else.

Then today because i'm off tomorrow and Friday, i said again, not forgotting about a few drinks on Saturday after the exam, i've also an interview on Friday so i told her i'd text her later on Friday to let her know how i got on and we can discuss then.
The reply i got back was answering something else and then in relation to drinks, ' Do let me know how you get on in both :)' i'm really confused. Then leaving we said good bye and she gave me a big smile. Maybe on email she doesnt' want to say anything as its work email or i'm not reading signals correctly. won't be the first time ha ha.


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  • its called mixed signals.


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  • If you want a clear answer, ask a clear question.


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