Guys, only two women in the world. Which do you choose?

It is just you and two women in the world. There is no chance of procreating and repopulating the human race, as both women underwent a procedure to prevent becoming pregnant again. Of course, the apocolypse hasn't made them any less womanly, so they insist you must choose between the two of them. You do not have to worry about providing for the girl you don't choose, as there are ample supermarkets stocked with food that no one else is around to eat. Assume they are attractive identical twins.

Girl A: Has had a few miscarriages and after enough failure (before the apocolypse) decided to adopt a child, which she cares for.

Girl B: Has a child of her own, the same age and gender as the adopted child above.

And in case anyone is so pervy that this needs to be explained, the children are not an option..
  • Girl A
    Vote A
  • Girl B
    Vote B
  • Neither
    Vote C
  • depends on the age and gender of the children
    Vote D
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Most Helpful Guy

  • since there's no chance to recreate... y should it matter then?

    i'd go wid gal A then... just random choice since wether i choose A or B it'd be da same thing...

    but how old'd be da kid btw?


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What Guys Said 3

  • if they are the only humans left in the world I assume we would all stay together and I would take B

  • Select Woman at No. 2. She was obviously smarter than the first.

  • I dont really care, Id probably just flip a coin


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