Guy being sarcastic/rude after it got physical... ?

So I've being going out with this guy since May (me 24, him 30), at first he was all romantic, nervous and sweet and understanding (I am a virgin and I told him that), texting every single day. We got physical, but I was completely comfortable with it and we didn't have sex in the end, just a bit of fun without clothes on. Then in the beginning of August I got sick, I was in the hospital for a week in another city (city of my parents, 1 hour drive from the city I live in) and he started sending me these texts being a bit rude about my condition, asking if I was smelling rotten yet and stuff like that. In that first week I told him I missed him only to be made fun of and asked if that was a symptom of my disease. I've been home with my parents since then because I am still so weak I can't really drive or even go get food for my own, I've lost a lot of weight and I am below the healthy BMI. The guy kept texting me every day, but just random conversation, nothing remotely romantic or talking about feelings or anything like that. I am a graphic designer but now I work as a photographer and Monday I changed my facebook pic. So, this guy (that knows nothing about photography, image or design) out of nowhere just tells me that even a 5 year old could take that picture, that it looked like a blot. That was the last straw for me, I asked him that if he didn't have anything positive to say about it, why did he even say anything at all? He said that he was just saying that as constructive criticism. I ingnored it and a few minutes later he charged again saying that it looked like something out of the exorcist, and immediately after that he said "I'm so mean to you but I am always joking". Doesn't he realize that this kind of words hurt? I don't need this bad energy in my life, and he was NEVER like this in the beggining. I stopped talking to him and he doesn't say anything as well since Monday, don't know what to do guys...


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  • You should either:
    1- confront him and ask him why has he changed all of a sudden; make sure to get it through to him that you're sick of his inappropriate actions.

    2- stop contacting him, and remove him from your life for good so that he doesn't hinder your feeling process or make you feel undesired feelings that might cause you to be uneasy.

    One should never be in a relationship that keeps wrecking them, if that was ever a relationship in the first place.

    by the way, I'm studying to be a graphic designer too, and I love photography :')

    Best of luck, sweetie.

    • Healing process **

    • Confronted him today.
      He immediately told me he thought I gave him much more than what he was able to give me, that he had a mental block, that it was his fault not mine... All that kind of bs
      I honestly just don't understand why he did not tell me this before, for example, when I first told him I really liked him ( which I only got a sarcastic comment to as an answer)

      Now I'm left here being ignored by this guy who texted me every single day, and he even said he is not someone who misses people.

      Urgh, I hate having feelings!

    • Well done, confronting him is a big step by the way. Anyway, he shouldn't be using what you mentioned as an excuse for his ill-suited manners. In my opinion, I think you should tell him that you're giving him one last chance to explain himself properly, clearly, and honestly.. Or you'll block him from your life. He's being awfully vague and rude.

  • just keep ignoring him.


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