Is contacting an ex ever a good idea?

I was on holiday and a little tipsy a couple nights ago and I texted my ex. All the message said was hi and he responded the next day. I thought he either wouldn't reply or his responses would be short and sweet, but he was his usual self and the conversation quickly developed over the last few days. I'm not expecting anything out of it, I guess i missed him and wanted to see how he was doing

doing. A part of me thinks the text was a mistake and maybe I shouldn't have bothered. I kinda feel like I'm hanging on or he might think I'm chasing him or something.

We broke up on good terms I would say, we didn't agree to stay friends though and we haven't had any contact in two months


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  • That is a story quite similar to mine. So , i'll tell you what. You broke up? That has a reason. "Never get back to what broke you." It's past. It's quite almost impossible to be friends with someone you had fallen in love with. So like i said , its past. Move on , be simple and keep it that way. It's dificult to let the first love go or any love by all means. ( If that's the case , if it's not , im sorry , just trying to help. ) To answer your question , NO , it's not a good idea to contact an ex. Trust me. I know because i've been there more than one time although being just 16 years old. Move on. Talk to your friends about this , closest friends. They will help you get through this. Good luck.


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  • never a good idea.


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  • well, if you broke up on good terms, he likely interprets the text as "hey, she's ready to be friends. great!"

    Men tend to get over relationships much quicker than women, especially when they end on good terms.


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