Guys, Am I overanalyzing this or have I actually messed things up?

We've been on two dates so I know this is super early to be asking this but I'm asking it anyway because I'm pretty interested in him. He's been mentioning future plans that are months down the road and he does a lot of the things that show he's into me. However, this last date I embarresed myself because I've been talking about how much I love football, baseball, and the UFC. I really do love these sports but I guess I'm just not very literate in football and I don't know too many fighters for the UFC. So, we were talking about the fight the other night and I panicked and felt like I had to inform him that I didn't really know what I was talking about, that I just know technique but I don't know too many fighters. And then another awkard situation was when I turned to him and was like "I have a serious question for you, how do you feel about Star Wars?" and he said he loves it and asks which movie was my favorite and again I choked because I couldn't remember the title of the attack of the clones and I worried he would think I was just trying to impress him or something so I changed the subject. I know these are minor things but when you are sizing someone up on the first few dates to see if your compatible with them, I feel like this stuff makes me look like a phony! We had a super long make out sesh in his car and after that I felt way more comfortable with him and he grabed my hand on the ride home. But since then he hasn't texted me a whole lot. It is possible that he is overanalyzing what he said because he kept making remarks like "I know this is gay but you look so beautiful" or like "I don't mean to sound mooshy but do you like to cuddle?" I almost had a panic attack in front of him while we were making out and I had to explain to him that I have panic disorder and I felt embaresed about having to tell him that on only the second date! Should I just wait it out and see if he asks me out again or should I just realize that I've made myself look ridiculous an


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  • Over paniking. These are the small hurtles to over come early in relationships. This is why it so important to just be yourself, open and honest. I think you are fine. To me I would feel like you are making an attempt to find similar interests which is a good sign things are going in the right direction.

  • First. You are sweet. Something about your question just made me chuckle in a good way.

    Second, yes be patient. You might have scared him a wee bit. So you have a couple of choices:

    1) just wait him out and see what happens. If there is a next time just have fun. Dont be crazy.
    2) send him a note (text) or call him and say "i am not always crazy!! Had a bad night but would like to teh again!" Then see what he does.

    If nothing positive in return, no worriss. On next date just be more calm and enjoy it rather than trying to impress.

    I suspect that sweet you is just fine... In everyway.


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