How can I let my boyfriend know it's okay to hug and kiss me on the cheek?

We are both very shy, how can I let him know it's okay to hug and kiss me on the cheek? (NOT lips) We only see each other up to three times a day. Morning, lunch/recess, and walking out to the bus. How can I make the first move on holding his hand, hugs, and a quick kiss on the cheek?


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  • Get up next to him some time in a position that makes him want to put his arm around you. If you feel spunky, grab his arm and put it around you, he'll love it. Kissing is going to be difficult, because after the first one on the cheek, he is going to go for the lips, it's just instinct. Mention that you do not want to kiss on the LIPS, and kinda leave it hanging. He'll take the hint and go for it. Whatever you set your limits at, keep them clear and make sure you both understand them. Good luck!

    • Thanks for all the answers, I definitely feel a tad more confident, I will try my best to getting closer to him. 😄👍🏻

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  • Just initiate it! I know how hard it can be being a shy girl dating a shy boy. Maybe walking out to the bus give him a quick hug! Nothing too long or intimate just how you'd hug your friends! It might sound super scary, but once you've gotten past that first hug he'll realize it's okay and it'll all get easier from there c: good luck!


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