Is being brunette a turn-off for Swedish guys?

So I have plans to move to Sweden next year and I was doing a research about the lifestyle there. Obviously, I would like to meet new people there and have some new experiences. I really like Swedish culture and how Swedish guys look. Unfortunately, I came across many websites that mentioned that Swedish guys prefer only Swedish girls, and are not into dating girls from other countries. In some other blogs, it was written that girls who have darker hair.. etc are first seen as exotic, but guys do not want to be in a relationship them in general (both in short term and long term). Many expats living in Sweden were so disappointed by the dating scene in Sweden because they could not start any relationships, or their relationships ended very badly. (e. g. many topics on forums) As I am a very social person (and like to meet new guys), it is important for me to know how much of it is true.

Normally I do not care for the looks and I believe that the personality should come first in relationships.(Although I do prefer blond guys, so I understand that guys also might have preferences.) I also understand that there are many cultural differences between different countries, and that relationships may end badly because of that. I just want to know if the way I look (or the country I am from) will influence people badly in Sweden. I lived in many countries before and never had a problem. But some people have told me that Swedish guys would not really be attracted to me and judge me because they will prefer blonds, also that it is very rare for a Swedish guy to date a girl from another country. Is this true or just crazy internet?
Is being brunette a turn-off for Swedish guys?
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