Does He sound upset with me, I don't know what to think? Need some opinions please?

So I was talking to this guy last night, (we are longdistance) he said he wanted another chance with me, we talked, and then he went offline. I got a message today from him he said he had fallen asleep, he was very tired.
I responded to the message said it's ok, I thought you had fallen asleep, a couple of hours later, I went online there was a message, he wrote I was dead, I didn't respond, and just logged on now, there was a message from him his phone number and the top, and underneath, my number incase you interested, have a good night. Does he sound upset with me? Opinions please?


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  • i think he might be.

    • Yeah thats how he came across to me. To be that upset how interested does he seem in your opinion?

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