You meet someone else & end up in a brief fling with her?

So, let's say you have a long term girlfriend but its been rocky for a long time. You meet someone else & end up in a brief fling with her (she also is in a relationship but unhappy). You care about this new girl a lot but feel guilty so you end it. You still really care for her & have to see her often since you work together. You can't get her off your mind & sometimes struggle not to pursue her again. But, you are torn because you've been with your girlfriend for a long time. Given this situation, which situation would MOST LIKELY make you get her (the fling) out of your mind & go back to your current girlfriend for good?

1) She (the fling) tells you that her & her boyfriend have reconciled and that she can no longer email you or talk to you much & that she is going to try to work it out w/her current boyfriend. (Perhaps you are thinking its a relief she has made the decision for you but then again, maybe you want her more now)

2) She (the fling) tells you often how rocky her relationship still is...sort of leaving the chances open. (Perhaps this scares you a little as you don't feel good about cheating & fear she is still after you & that you will cheat again or maybe it makes you feel like there is still a chance w/her if you change your mind again)

3) She (the fling) doesn't tell you much of anything anymore--you are left in the dark wondering what is going on with her. (It feels like a game in some ways--do I assume things are going good for her or not?)

Choose 1,2 or 3. Thanks!


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  • Sounds like even if you stay with your gf, if you were given the chance again, you would cheat. A long term relationship dosnt mean permanent. Sometimes things just don't work out and maybe this fling was a way of telling you that you could be happier elsewhere. You need to really decide if your girlfriend is where you want to be regardless of the fling. your girlfriend deserves your honesty too just as you would expect from her. Do unto others...right?