I dont feel anything when I kiss someone?

I am 17 years old and have kissed about 4 guys. These guys were people i liked but not a lot and I felt absolutely nothing each time. One time I even opened my eyes because I was bored. I dont think its them but any suggetions to help fix this problem and is this normal?


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  • I think fairy tales and movies, have pretty much forced our minds to believe each kiss should have fire works.
    The reality of it is, they don't always.

    If you have perfect chemistry with this person and get along well... proceed from there and from that.
    Kisses can be worked on.
    This is why people practice time and time together, so they get better with each kiss.


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  • "These were people I liked but not a lot." Then it's super normal. You just haven't found a guy worth kissing yet haha keep kissing and having fun if you want, but chances are you won't "feel" anything until it's someone you really care about.

  • If u had to open ur eyes because u were bored then thats not a good sign. A great kiss will leave u wanting more. I've kissed guys before and was hella bored and I've kissed guys & was totally into it and loved every single second of it. So dont let those previous kisses make u believe that all kisses are like that. I can't tell u exacty why u felt that way though. Hmm were u tense? Self conscious about ur surrounding, ur kissing performance, etc? Those could play a factor. Maybe u should kiss guys that ur totally into? Dont think too much when u kiss him. Just be lost in the moment. Like I hear people ask what do I do with my hands when Im kissing? A good kiss will make u not give a fuck about what to do with ur hands. lol Everything will just happen naturally.

  • Wait until you like someone a lot or love them even


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