Was he upset with me? What do you Guys Think? Really could use some opinions please? Worrying?

On Tuesday I got a message on social media (we are longdistance) From my ex, he said he wanted
another chance with me.
We spoke for quite a while, and he disappeared a bit later.
Today when I logged in on my account there was a message from him saying, I feel asleep i was very tired, I replied ok, I thought you had fallen asleep.
I logged back on couple of hours later another message from him saying he was dead, I never replied back to that message.
I logged in not that long ago and there was another message from him, he had wrote his phone number
at the top of the message, and below that had written my phone number incase u interested, enjoy your night.

So in regard to the last message would you say he was upset, or angry or something?


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  • he is waiting for you to call... if you want to resume "talking" go ahead. If it isn't worth it, don't reply and move on.

    • So you wouldn't say the way it was written he seemed a bit upset? Sounds silly but how interested in me would you say he is?

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    • Awww you just haven't met the right lady lol

    • well i was kind of teasing on that last part... and no you are good. ball is in his court now.

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  • It sounds like you both are Not only 'Longdistance,' but he is this fickle pickle who doesn't really know whether one day he really wants to get back together or make you two birds of a feather.
    Yes, 'Something' is right here, dear. Open lines of convo is Desperately Needed here to get to the bottom of the barrel and find out what he really wants.
    Good luck. xx

    • I feel he does I asked him, he had come back, and he said because he missed me, thought about me, he hurt me, but wants another chance.
      I believe he does as we hadn't spoke since June, and i've never contacted him since, and it was him
      coming back contacting me

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    • Also I gather than he has spoken about me too some family members and they we're interfering trying to stop him messaging me

    • Could be this and good you thought about it. If there are many different reasons of his actions, then you are better off without him. xx

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  • Nah. He misses you and want to chat. What about you, do you miss him?

    • Yeah I couldn't forget him, but just hard to get him to open up sometimes. How interested would you say he seems from the way he's being?

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    • I never contacted him since we last spoke at the end of June, It was him who came to me, and got in touch with me

    • Yup. He is the one that is bored at the moment.

What Girls Said 1

  • He sounds passive-agressive

    • so you think by the way it was wrote, he was angry with me or upset, I must admit he is quite an insecure guy

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    • I agree, I don't want to make it too easy for him, otherwise he might slip into his old ways, and I can't go back there, and be hurt again. If it was you, how would you be with him. How would you get him to commit to a serious relationship etc, and act with him, so he has to work for me?

    • Oh man, that is the question! I would try to tell him that I forgive him for hurting me, and I am willing to work through things with him, but he has to be willing to trust me and not run away again. If he can't handle that, then either he's not for you or he needs some more "thinking to do" :D Maybe put this as a question on GAG what would they need from their lady to feel more secure and not run from the problems...

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