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My boyfriend is almost eighteen years old and absolutely adores his mother, sometimes he will joke and call her the "spawn of satan" due to her rules, but underneath that he loves her more than anything. I think this is really beautiful and I love that he has so much respect for her, but when it interferes with our relationship it starts to bug me. A lot of stress is put on him from his family because of certain circumstances, and he won't even talk to me about it because his mother doesn't want him to, therefore I'm unable to be there for him or understand his situation. She places strict rules on him when he's going to be legally an adult in a few months, how would you handle this? I understand curfews, etc, since he hasn't yet reached eighteen, but there are some unreasonable "rules" that I can't seem to understand.


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  • The question is how long would it take for an unsupervised 17 year old to end up in jail?

    • My boyfriend isn't immature nor is he the kind of person who would end up in jail thankyou

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  • Don't think that's a bad thing that he really respects his mother, really is a good trait among men as many learn how to be good to women through having a close relationship with their mom. However regarding the rule thing when he's 18, just tell him to ask her to be flexible, if she loves her son and trusts him then there doesn't need to be so many rules. If he won't ask then just don't even get involved, trust me you don't wanna come between family or create tension (I've been there done that, they always support their mum and then you look like a bitch).

    • Yeah I agree, it's a really great thing to have them respect their mothers because then they learn from that how to respect other women, but it just hurts sometimes that he can't even speak to me about some things because his mother won't let him, or that he isn't allowed to stay over at my house because she won't let him, sometimes he isn't even allowed to come out to dinner with me because she cooked dinner or something, like some of these rules she makes are kinda pathetic and put a strain on the quality time I get with him, you know what I mean? I'm sorry you had to go through it, it's a really crap situation hey

    • It is super crap. My ex's mum was disabled (one leg) and was always creating friction between us because she just wanted him to herself, he was all she had. Your man's mum is probably just finding it hard that her son is growing up and becoming independent and she more than likely see's you as a rival for his attention and that won't change. It will suck for you but unless he's willing to stand up to her and say nope I'm gonna do this or that then you're just gonna have to wait it out and hope that he realises he isn't a kid anymore and that he controls his own life.

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