What does it mean when a women you are dating is suddenly too busy to see you?

Met this woman I really like; She has been single for about 10 months now and started dating again recently. She is 31. She dated a few guys before me, but she told me but was not seeing anyone when we started dating. I was not seeing anybody either. We both said we are fine not being in a relationship right now, just happy dating and would see where it goes We had four dates in about a month. We have a good chemistry, Have lots in common. I'd say we are about the same level of attractiveness, made out a few times but we haven't slept together yet. She is not very talkative between dates but overall, in all objectivity I would say things were going well.

Then since the past two weeks I asked her out twice; she told me she was too busy and didn't offer to reschedule (she actually went at lenght to explain her weekly calendar, go figure). So last time we spoke, I told her: ''Well, let me know when you are free and want to hang out again''

Whatever her reasons there is nothing I can do at this point other than wait for her next move. Maybe she will come around or not. If she doesn't it will suck but, Hey. Thats life. So what do you think is happening?
  • She found another dude or she had another dude that came back in her life. Move on Brother.
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  • She figured out she is not that into you but doesn't know how to tell you. Move on Brother
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  • She likes you, but feels like you are too clingy/available. Wait out and see.
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  • She is actually busy for real. Wait out and see.
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  • Other (please explain)
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Got tired of her excuses. Told her it was obvious I was more into her than the opposite. And that I think we should stop dating. She told me she actually wanted to talk to me about. She gave me the ''its not you, I am too busy for someone in my life at the moment'' speech. I'm glad she finally said it. But damn. Its not liked she owed me anything but darn. Why you always have to pry the truth out of girls? ;) Anyway looks like you people and my guts feeling were right! Thanks for listening ;)


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  • She figured out she is not that into you but doesn't know how to tell you. Move on Brother


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  • If she didn't offer another time she doesn't like you, or doesn't like you as much as another guy


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  • Probably seeing other guys and still having ex issues.

  • Wait and see. She might be really busy.


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