Why do guys suddenly stop talking to you after sex?

If things were going great you had met all his friends and he was telling you how special and good looking you are etc etc.

We had dated for like 1.5 months... I am so lost.


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  • I hate to sound like a harsh asshole, but he got what he wanted and that was the kitty.

    • he didn't seem like that kinda guy

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    • Because he's playing the long game in all honesty. If what city boy says is the case. He could just be stunned. It happens the other way with girls. It's a sign often that the other person is thinking "holy hell did we really go this far? Did we go to fast? Does she love me? etc

    • Either A) He was really trying to get the kitty and did not want to fuck up at ALL or B) He just wanted the feel of a girlfriend and not the feeling of getting attached.

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  • because once they get what they want, theyre on to the next!


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  • That's nothing that I ever did. It's not all guys. Have you had this experience before?


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