Should I be worried about my girlfriends male best friend, she calls him her brother?

okay so I'm in a fairly new relationship, only a couple weeks, but my girlfriend is really into me, and I'm really into her, but for some reason I always have the thought that I'm being lied to, not just by her but by everybody. she tells me don't ever leave her, she'll be mine forever and everything, but she has this guy friend that is like a brother to her, but I'm worried it might be something more, like during the time we've been going out, she's barely talked to this guy because me and her on the phone all the time. but this guy looks a lot better than me, in my estimation but she says he doesn't, and that she just looks at him like a brother. Should I be worried about this guy? she said she doesn't think of him in that way, and she doesn't ever want to lose me, and she's got trust issues because she's been lied to and cheated on so many times, but she trusts me to not do that to her. I don't know how I should feel, should I be scared of this guy? I really love this girl I don't want anyone to take her away. I know only a couple of weeks is a short time but I know I love her, she tells me she loves me too.


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  • NO NO NO NO.

    His looks don't matter to her if she is so into you.
    He is like her brother, she would feel weird to have something with her brother - trust me I know.
    Remember that looks aren't anything. Please remember that, especially when going into the dating world. Looks don't be there for someone, care for someone, love someone or keeps them warm at night.


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  • If she has trust issues and has been lied to before, I doubt that she would do the same thing that others have done to her. Anyways there's a reason she chose you over her guy friend, you should trust her and if you feel really worried talk to her about it. :)

  • you gotta trust her

    • Not anymore we broke up about two days after I posted this, or a week I don't even remember, I've had another girlfriend since then and broke up with her too. You live and you learn, don't meet girls off meet me, waste of fucking time.

  • Nooo you shouldn't be worried!
    I know from experience if someone likes you as a brother or sister that does not mean they have any romantic feelings for you, she may love him but not want to be with him. She did after all choose you, not him!
    And looks don't matter! There's a reason yous two are together!

    • Not together anymore, we broke up, it was probably for the best even though I kinda sorta miss her, but I kind of didn't trust her at the same time so I'm just going to let sleeping dogs lie. This was like 4 months ago and we ended up breaking up a week or so after I asked this question, so thanks for the help but it just came about 4 months too late lmao

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  • Well if you dont see anything weird I dont see the issue? does she know this guy before you? yes? if she did then you have nothing to worry about cause it's probably some guy she rejected and he decided to stick around to pounce on her on the rebound, dont fuck up because once you do and she's vunerable, this guy is going to end up in her bed.

    While you are doing good with her nothing to worry about.

    These guys are called "drifters" they hang around waiting for bits of other guys food to fall off for them to eat cause they can't get their own girls.

    Either that or the guy might just be a decent chap..

    • LMFAO this is old, I broke up with her probably a week after I asked this, it wasn't because I didn't trust her, it was we ran out of things to talk about because we were up each others ass 24/7 for about 3 weeks, but oh well you live and you learn. But it was like 4 months ago, DAAAAAAMN

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