Do you think I should call it off and assume or trust him?

We have been dating for 4 months now. He has a 2 year old daughter. Which I am okay with. he told me him and his BM have been broken up for a little over 4months prior to me and him dating. For the years they were together he was working 3 jobs and still is. even before the baby she never had a job, car, or went to school. He said that he gave he tried over and over because they broke up time and time again for reasons of her just sleeping all day, not cooking or cleaning and she said she would change but now he is moving out in a week (already seen his new place) . I just worry because she went through his phone and called me on a private number and I gave him the phone but he was saying he is out with me and that she should not be calling my phone & how did you even get her number. Defending me , giving me some proof that they are strictly about the kid. But he did tell me that he doesn't want to see her get hurt if she dates again because he doesn't want his daughter to have to see disrespect from another man towards the mother of the child. He also told me that he does not care if she dates but also feels bad and hopes she gets a job or does something for the sake of the child now. Should I be worried or concerned.


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  • No of course not! It is normal for him to want to care for her, it is only friendly. They did have a kid and were together for a while, he can't just totally not care about the mother of his child. And in most aspects he is thinking of the child's welfare too.


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