Anxiety issues and long distance relationship?

I want to start this by saying all this stuff is in my head. My boyfriend has made no indication what so ever that he wants to end things.

We've been dating for 5 months but due to work circumstances I had to move away. We are currently doing a transatlantic ldr. It's only been a week and a bit but I miss him so much already. We talk or message each other everyday so lack of communication is not an issue. Nor do I think he's going to cheat. I trust him.

I've suffered with anxiety and self esteem issues for a while and now the stress of this move etc has made them rise up. My anxiety is that he's going to realise that I'm not worth the stress or lack of non internet contact and leave.
Again he's made no indication of this. It's just my problem.
We've talked future contingency plans and have a future being together plan that we are happy with.

I just don't know how to deal with these anxiety issues.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Long distance relationships are not very good. Most people won't stick to that kind of deprivation. You should allow yourself to be open to closer options if you never get to feel and touch your partner. Do not worry. Try to meditate with your thoughts of anxiety. This will help you locate just where the fear is coming from. Quiet calm peace and relax.


What Girls Said 1

  • I know exactly how you feel. don't worry about it though! It sounds like you guys really like each other, and as you said it's all just in your head. Until he actually gives you a reason to worry about him leaving or cheating, don't. It can be really hard trust me. I've been in an LDR for over two years and he's completely faithful but occasionally my brain still freaks out and gets paranoid. Try just distracting yourself from it and reminding yourself that he's with you. Not someone else. He's with you because he WANTS to be with you.


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