HELP how do I fix this?

My boyfriend said the reason he wants a break is because half the time he doesn't know if I'm mad at him or not.. because I always look mad.. and he's quiet because he's afraid to say something he shouldn't say. WHAT CAN I DO TO FIX THIS? I want him back so bad..


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  • The communication in this relationship sounds really bad because he is passive-aggressive. in my opinion, he may feel like he is below your league, and is afraid to lose you so he "plays along".

    When u talk to him about the most basic daily life stuff, is he the type who says "whatever u want to do"?

    • He usually says I don't know.. and when I suggest something to do he says I guess.. it's like pulling teeth with him.

    • Just as I thought. Typical sucking up, no making waves behavior because he fears he may never get another quality girl like u, so he is trying REALLY hard not t. dis-satisfy you.

    • I guess that's kinda sweet, but he'd keep me longer if he was open with me..

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  • I think it's best if you honestly tell him upfront. Say you don't want to break up. Emphasize how you too are scared because boys always fall for the girl who plays innocent cards. Tell him how much you care and just look that way when alone. Be affectionate more often to if u guys get together again

  • Makeup seks?


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