Should I be mad at my gf?

My girlfriend and I have been dating for 2 months. Our relationship has been going fast and we stepped many steps like groping before kissing. But we're fine... Until today when my friend told me some news. He told me how she is not interested in the sadistic and masochistic play we normally do and has been scared to tell me. How she does not want to employ the hand cuffs and such on eachother. She wants more of a fun relationship than sexual. I brought it up in text today how I want to also limit the sexual encounters and wish for more fun. She asked if I was ok with me trying to limit how sexual and I said I was because I want what's best for her. I guess I'm just slightly irritated that she told me now how she did all those things to make me happy. But now it doesn't make me happy but feel greedy. Am I right to be mad?


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  • Ultimately, you're always allowed to feel the way you feel. The fact that you've considered this, and actually made compromises for her benefit, is a promising sign. No one can begrudge you your frustration at all of this, and from what I can tell, you're a reasonable person. I'd really just advise that you continue to deal with things by talking to her, which you seem to be doing fine already. You're both right in how you feel.

    • I told her Id lower on the sexual encounters. Again I think I'm mainly mad she didn't tell me and instead told my best friend. It's just weird in that sense and I want to talk to her about it in person

    • I see what you mean - I can only speculate that she was worried about disappointing you, and decided to go through your friend as a way to make it easier to break the news. I'm not 100% sure about that of course, but I think you two will probably do fine.

    • I just wish she told me and not him because I feel like I'm not trusted

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