Please help, I do not know what to do?

I met a guy named Eden* (name change) last month and we became really great friends. Just yesterday, I finally met his family and they loved me. Two Saturdays ago, we've become so close that I contacted him when I had a crisis and he was there to help me. Before that week though, I had confessed that I "liked him more than a friend" but told me he "didn't know how to respond to that but wanted to keep me as a good friend" and ironically, he was worrying extremely about losing me that he contacted me the next day because the shrug I gave him that night left him more anxious. Confronted him if he just felt sorry for me or if he truly wanted to be friends, it was both because I was/am "a great friend, a great person, and just extremely great". Tonight, however, I did not like the fact that he called me his "buddy" after I had some hopes that he'd change his mind since he and his girlfriend recently broke up and I assumed he turned me down because he was still recovering but honestly... I don't know what to do anymore. I did not like the fact that he called me "buddy". I've done everything and I deserve better. I don't know what good is gong to come out of this "friendship" or whatever "-ship" but I don't think he'll ever see me that way.

What do I do?

I plan to text him tomorrow that I can't make it to where we were going to meet just, JUST to see if he cares enough about losing me since he expresses that so much.

I hate this because I gave it my all and it hurts, I'm tired. I met a guy today too and he seemed far more interested than me than Eden but I don't know how to even approach Adrian* (new guy) even though he gave me his number... I don't want to get hurt again. I've been there more than I can recall...


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  • He's not in to you and I think you may have made him feel a little bit awkward but confessing your feelings (hey don't feel bad about doing that, I would have done the same) hence why he's trying to sort of remind you that you are just friends by calling you 'buddy'. Forget about him, move on, he's single and still not in to you. It's a no go I'm afraid.

    Go for the new guy, just text hom something casual like "hey this is _ how are you?" He gave you his number so that means he's obviously interested in speaking with you. Good luck!

    • Thank you so much! I really needed an answer like yours and it came at the perfect time. I want to move on already because like you surmised, what's the point? I hope things will go great with this new guy I met, he's refreshingly more intelligent. Thank you, again.

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    • Yep, besides his ex-girlfriend was extremely high-maintence and apparently, that's what he likes from what I've seen so the hell with him. It's going to take a little -- not too long though! -- and I'm going to finally move onto the new guy. I hate to admit it but I loved being "the chased". ;)

      Once the 24 hrs. are up, I'll deem your opinion as MHO.

      Thank you so much.

    • All sounds great to me, it's not easy but it will be worth it. HE sounds to high maintenance, good riddance.

      Thank you and you're most welcome 😊 Good luck!

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