Testing me or not interested?

Long story short, I friendzoned a girl that I like, and she friendzoned me. We did it because we were both in relationships. This girl was showing so many signs of interest (still is), always contacting me, complimenting me, laughing at my unfunny jokes etc. Anyways, we're both single now and I asked her out, and as I suspected she said yes. Well she cancelled the date and suggested re-scheduling it (she was "sick") for another day which I was cool with. She then didn't show up to the date. I have a feeling that she's testing me to see if I'm insecure, but I haven't even said anything about it. Am I just grasping straws or what?


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  • she's testing you.


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  • I think the play here is let her cancel and reschedule once or twice without any protest. You guys are friends. You can give each other the benefit of the doubt. Hopefully it'll end there, and you go on your date.

    Talking about the issue would just give it substance.

    Anyway, I heard girls get really resentful about being second choice. Show her affection.

    • "Anyway, I heard girls get really resentful about being second choice..."

      If they didn't play games then this wouldn't be an issue :). That's actually one of the reasons why women end up chasing you. The thought of you being with someone better than them.

    • Yeah, I don't blame you. I dunno. It seems like you're giving her exactly what she wanted.


      Exactly what she wanted would have been for you to have seduced her above all others. (I'm thinking out loud here.)

      Maybe the way to help her deal with her initial rejection would be to recreate the gradual tango that you would have have if she didn't confess her love to you? Or whatever happened?

      I dunno what the theory is on this. But I do know that women love to feel like they can't help themselves. They need to feel that ATTRACTION.

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