Please help me decode this girl's "confusing" signs?

A girl was trying to get my attention by givng non-verbal signs that she likes me, she would not break eye contact and roam around me in the hall etc , but i did not realise it coz i was not sure that she really likes me... Now what she is doing is now she is completely ignoring me... - she talks on phone infront of me and smiles as if she is talking to her new boyfriend. - she left her classes in between today and went home, maybe she wanted to show me that she is going to meet her new boyfriend. Note - my friend told me, when she was coming in the class, she was looking at me for about 1 second but i was looking somewhere else... Why she is doing this? and what should i do? please help me...


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  • Plain and simple: She wants YOU to approach her and ask her out. Otherwise, she wouldn't be giving you all the giveaway signs that she's attracted to you and wants your attention. The ball is in your court so you have to make your move the best way you know how.


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  • Chat to her. Ask her what she was up to last night. 1. Its a conversation starter. 2. She will tell you if she went to meet a friend or whatever. :) 2 birds, 1 stone


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