Has anyone ever gotten you in trouble at work?

So I got my girl in trouble because I was visiting her too much while she was at work. Sorry, my fault. Anyway I work in a place where I can't have her visit so she's never made that problem for me like I did for her. She just told me before she went off to work this morning so I'm wondering what the recieving end is like if anyone else here on GAG has had this experience.


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  • yeah I did when my ex visited me... its not a nice feeling as basically you are told you are not pulling your weight so you worry you have gone down in the eyes of your boss :(

    • That sucks, was there anything they did to help make that any better? A while ago I called the feed back line for target (where she works) saying how awesome she was. Think that would help?

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    • Avoid the bad habit of "I need to fix everything". Well if its for her I know I can do that. Thanks for your time!

    • no problem, its nice you want to fix everything, work will be ok in time. Just get her some flowers and apologise for getting her in to trouble that would be nice xx

  • never happened to me.


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