Is my boyfriend too comfortable?

Me and my boyfriend (both25) have been together for 10 months! It's going great, I'm so attracted to him, He's a great guy and we got on amazingly well! I just feel that he feels too comfortable in the relationship! We have a great sex life but he has never gone down on me which bothers me as I always go down on him which I enjoy! I've asked him and he says he doesn't know how! Also in the past 4 months I've said I love him because I know I do but he has never said it back which obviously bothers me! I'm a bit confused as he is making plans 5 months ahead yet I feel like he hasn't verbally or physically shown me he is committed. He is very difficult to read yet I don't want to bring up these worried with him again as I feel like I will be pushing him! I'm his relationship so I understand this is all new to him! Any advice?


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  • Is he perhaps an introvert? If he is then it could be hard for you to get him to open up to you or even show you his level of commitment. However, judging from what you've said, he doesn't seem to have it? Because you guys have been going for 10 months now. I had a friend who was with this guy for two years before he finally said "I love you" to her, it's a terrible and agonizing long wait for her as well.
    I would suggest you talk to him? Tell him that you know that he loves you, but you need some reassurance at least. If you think there's a need to go down on you during sex, tell him that you wish to have him try it and guide him along (maybe he thinks it's awkward?).
    A relationship is mostly about communication and trust. Try to talk to him about your needs/wants and also get him to share more about his thoughts. Small steps forward are fine 'cos it's still progress. Good luck dear, wish you all the best!

  • you should tell him what you want from him.


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