After you begin dating someone you met online, why do you constantly return to that site? Like wtf? Are you looking for multiple Partners?

It kinda looks bad... I'm mainly referring to people who meet people on dating sites or facebook, twitter, etc. If y'all are already dating, why are you still going back to that site? Most people claim they return to make "New friends", but I think thats complete BS... 😑😒😤


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  • To keep their options open. Those guys are usually full of shit


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  • Well I don't do dating websites soo probably not.

    • But say you met a girl on a dating site and y'all begin dating. Would you still get back on that site say to make new friends and possibly scope out new options?

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    • Lol no I was giving a scenario... I was saying it like "Pretend you met a girl on a dating site... Blah blah blah"

    • O well that would never happen lol for one I'm a one women kind of guy, and two I don't do dating websites I loath those places.

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  • Facebook and Twitter both are social websites, so it's normal to stay there even if you are dating someone it's not a big deal, you'll get concerned if it was some DATING SITES in this case you have alright to ask him WHY..

    • But Facebook is where all the hoes at

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    • I dont have a low self esteem. Well at leastt I didn't until my boyfriend at the time cheated on me with facebook girls

    • I am sorry, just forget that asshole, and try to trust your current boyfriend, if you feel stress or something about it, talk to him and tell him how u feel..

  • Ask him why he is still getting on.

    • Lol this question is in general. But I have gone through this before

    • How did it turn out?

    • I was too afraid to ask why he still remained on the site

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