Girls, would you reply enthusiastically if you weren't at least somewhat open to them?

Basically, I was going through whatsapp and decided to message a girl I haven't seen in 18 months because she went travelling halfway through uni on study abroad.

We used to work together but didn't really know eachother too well but she did give me her number and there were certain signs (think I caught her looking at me once and also she trusted me to walk back on a 40 minute walk at 2am through an unknown area) that made me think she was at least attracted to me. But at the time, I wasn't too into girls and dating.

To my surprise, she replied really postively with loads of happy faces and exclamation marks and when I said we should meet if we crossed paths she replied positively. In fact, the very next day, she was in my area by surprise but I was working. We probably would've met up one to one. I went to uni 200 miles away, that's the only problem.

With 1 in 3 graduates going to London, I'm thinking of seeing what she's doing next time I'm in Manchester, do you think she might be interested?

A question for girls is, would you reply so positively all the time to a guy you hardly know if it's been 18 months? Surely as a girl, you'd think he was more interested than simply 'catching up'? She's also a popular nice girl, I know she's not one of those bitchy ones who seek attention.
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Only problem is, she's 200 miles away so no chance of LDR really


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  • I'm almost always friendly to anyone who texts me. I use emojis all the time even when I'm not necessarily romantically interested but with that said she does seem sincere and there could be something more in my option. Voted A :)

    • Sorry, I sent you a message, hope you don't mind offering advice

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