Kisssing on the first date? French kiss?

I went on a date last night and we got along great. When we left the bar after a few hours, it was raining so I walked her to her car. She then offered to drive me to where I was parked since it was raining. When she dropped me off at my car, I gave her a light kiss and she turned it into a french kiss.
Anyway, girls, would you only french kiss a guy on the first date if you were clearly interested? And what are your thoughts on kissing on the first date in general?


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  • I only kiss guys on the first date if I'm REALLY into them. It's a huge compliment in my opinion and you should take it as a good sign.


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  • Personally, I wouldn't kiss on the first date. For me it's a light kiss on the second date, a longer kiss on the third date, and then a french kiss on the fourth.

    • Well now I feel incredibly easy. I just do what I feel and I don't set rules as to when I can kiss them.

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