When should you ask for permission?

A major thorn in the side of me and this girl getting together is that her parents and sister hate me. A few years ago we were fighting a lot and that ended one day with me sending a nude picture of her to her sister. If you're going "WTF dude" her boyfriend at the time was trying to make us fight... he was doing a good job at it. Not the worst thing that happened but its over, he's long gone. We've moved past all what happened in the past but not her family.

What does this have to do with my question? Well I was thinking about tryind to mend what I damaged. I feel like this is something I should just do and blah blah blah. Before anyone says talk to her, thats my plan. Even if she thinks talking to her parents, trying to fix things between me and them, is a bad idea that I should try anyway. As of today she has to hide the fact that we even just talk. Her dad seems like a very reasonable guy who just cares about his daughters
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  • Really, I can't imagine a dad forgiving that or letting you do anything else besides say your apology. I'd say something along the lines of great, now gtfo and don't ever let me see you around, again ever, that seems like what a reasonable dad that cares about his daughters would say. But if you're going to throw caution to the wind, go all in and get it over with. If your gonna go down, go down in flames or come out big.

  • if a guy sent a nude photo of my daughter to anyone (in my family or outside) he'd be lucky to be living. I am a kind reasonable, forgiving person, but that to me shows that a guy is too immature and will resort to underhanded things that might potentially hurt my daughter and family... sorry to say it. I think I could forgive you for your actions but I would not be ok with you being involved with my daughter.

    should you ask permission? yes because if there is ever going to be any semblance of a real relationship with this girl you'll have to mend the fences with the family.


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