He's sending me too many mixed signals?

I told my best friend that I liked him more than as a friend but he told me that he didn't know how to respond to that but wanted to keep me as a good friend. He began worrying extremely that he was going to lose me whereas I already wanted to move on and left him hanging. He contacted me the following day to see me again and we've been friends since then. However, even though I've been friend-zoned twice by him, why does he act like he DOES like me MORE than a friend when he has said that he DOESN'T and has called me "buddy" once to me? I just recently met his family and they adore me to death. He's always the one wanting to hang out with me and is always available to (I have to text him most of the time because they guy's just very slow, lol) and he likes taking me to different places and doing different things with me; we always have an amazing time. I know very well he is not trying to get into my pants (otherwise, I wouldn't have him around) so we have an authentic friendship. It's also worth mentioning that he and his girlfriend broke up in April or May; she was one of those high maitenence types with a cake full of makeup.

What do you all think?

I know these mixed messages very well when I see them and don't seem them as "wishful thinking" because a first grader could very well see them too.


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  • It's possible to like someone a lot but still struggle with feelings for someone else. I think this is what is happening here. Maybe he's still in love with his ex and is finding it difficult to be in a relationship again for now. Timing can fix this. However if he naturally just doesn't feel that romantic connection then unfortunately time likely won't fix it. It's very much possible to also really adore someone as a friend but as only that.. Don't interpret his actions for more if he has already made it clear that he only sees you as a best friend.

    • You've made some great points, Rabbit Heart, and since I've already shown and done all I could to demonstrate, I leave the rest to him and reflect upon (which has already been enough time). Honestly, whatever his reasons may be, I don't think I'd like to continue being friends with him and would rather continue on with someone is very much interested in me (I actually met someone last night at the mall who talked me a lot, a lot, it was refreshing because I always do all the work, ahaha). :)

    • @Asker

      That made me so happy to read that you has a positive experience and can see what you are missing out on. There are great guys out there that will adore you and make moves on. But you can't notice these guys so easily when you are still deeply in love with someone or clinging onto. hope for a guy to come back.

      I'm glad I could make points and help you. All the best to you <3

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  • I think it's wishful thinking. You want to date him, but he doesn't. You can hang out with friends and not want to date them. Maybe he likes to high maintenance girls.

    I love that milkshake or coffee in your profile picture. Looks delicious.

    • That's masochist of him since his ex was one of those and she really ripped him apart. Oh, well? Lol, but I absolutely appreciate a man's perspective on this. And thank you, it's an iced coffee from McDonald's from Little Tokyo in LA, California! :)

    • Neat :)

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