I've been seeing this girl for almost a month now, when is the right time to make a move?

Well to have a small insight, Im seeing this girl for almost a month now. We had about 6-7 dates, and we talk on phones every other day or every other two days but we text each other at least once every day, but we are just not officially together yet. During this period I get to know her better, know her values, and personality more, we talked a lot about ourselves, our stories, her dog likes me on the frst date, BUT I just think its about damn time to make a move. So when is the right time to make a move and make this official?


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  • Go with the flow.

    I find that thinking too much into things often ruins how special things can be in the moment. If you think it's time... then step forward. Ask her to be your girl and go from there.


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  • you are douchebag , even after 5-6 dates u haven't made a move?
    just tell her u love her man, stop crying like a baby


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