When/What should I text him?

I just started dating a new guy. I know he's interested in me and attracted to me, but he is a terrible texter. He gives detailed responses, but is horrible at asking questions to keep the conversation going. He's texted me first the last 4 times, so I thought I would text him first today. I have no idea what to send him though or if it's even a good idea. We need to liven up the text game! Any suggestions?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Your lucky that u got a guy who is inexperienced in dating field.
    He is not a player, dont ever lose him. :)
    God bless u...


What Girls Said 1

  • I wouldn't think that texting matteres at all when it comes to dating. If he clearly likes you and you communicte well, then who cares about texting?

    Lots of people don't see the point in sending texts other than to say a simple message. They wouldn't have long conversations by text. That's how I feel myself.

    Why don't you send him a message, just saying good morning and wishing him a good day.


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