What is up with my ex? Please read and answer?

So not so long ago I went out to a club with my ex boyfriend's friends and my best friend Tia. Me and Tia met these guys and stayed with them at the club even when our friends went home. So the next day my ex texted me on fb saying that we're stupid to just leave with some other dudes even though we came to the club with his friends etc... We had a fight and I said that that's none of his business and that I want nothing to do with him and he acted like he didn't care when I said that. It came to the point where I unfriended him. Two days later he unfollowed me on Instagram, but we're still friends on snapchat. So two days (?) after the fight I sent a snap to all of my friends including him and he snaped back saying ''Why are u sending me snaps? You want nothing to do with me '' and I replayed '' I send them to everyone. Don't overthink it'' He didn't snap me back though. I really thought that was it. But yesterday I posted a page from my book (which I'm writing right now) and I spelled something incorrectly. He screenshoted the page and texted me on snapchat saying ''It's ecactly, not exacly'' and when I didn't write him back (which I didn't because I was angry that every time he want's to talk with me it's something stupid) he texted ''And it's management*, you're welcome'' WHAT IS UP WITH HIM?
I don't understand anything... And 15min ago he posted two girls on snapchat.


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  • This is way too much drama for underage people... anyway, he most likely isn't fully over you and he got jealous that you left with another guy at a club and overreacted. He just needs time to move on.

    • Yeah well a week after we broke up he got back with his ex. He's 22 :P

    • Getting back with an ex a week after a break up... isn't a well thought out response, most likely a rebound.

    • Yes, you must be right... Though him texting me again and all makes me really miss him and I just wish we would have a normal conversation, you know? Just start over.. And by him giving me all of this attention... well it gives me hope again and I hate it.

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