Why is he trying to make me jealous if he has no interest in me?

We met at a cafe with the help of my friends. We had friends in common. He said he liked me. (and acted a lot like he liked me).
Then he said he was afraid of a relationship and didn't want to lose me. Then he said he got "no" interest in me.
But now he's all acting like he's trying to make me jealous. He started to talk a lot about a friend of his ( a girl). And he does this not secretly, but shows as if he is talking secretly. He flirts with every girl now, but me, I am nothing. He's not a boy like this, he's a shy person but talks like he knows everything about girls.
I feel his interest on me, but he's like "I don't care about you.". Sometimes the things I do or say make him angry for no reason. He looks like he doesn't care at all... But to me these are not real and funny, to be honest. He looks at me sometimes. What to do? He hurts me.


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  • Figuring out someone shouldn't be complicated like a puzzle. If it is, then you have to move on.

    He's hot and cold towards you.
    He's showing you mixed signals.
    He's playing with your emotions.

    You deserve so much better than that
    When someone cares for you , they will be more inviting emotionally. They won't let simple things be difficult.
    You owe it to yourself to look forward.

    Don't allow him to hurt you anymore.
    Shut the door on the pain
    No longer allow it.
    Don't chat with him when you see him.

    • To answer your initial question , I wish I could find reasons why people act the way they do. But sometimes there is no explanation. Some people are just rude and cold.

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