This boy must like me or something?

Ok so I know this guy because his friends use to tease him about him liking me and he's kind of like my "friend" now I guess. But this boy get on my nerves because yesterday he had tried to see who I was texting and kept staring and smiling at me. This evening on the bus, when he sat down I had said what's up to him and he's just sitting there staring and smiling at me. He kept asking me random questions like do I think my teacher is ugly or do I like Alabama, etc. But me and my friend Brianna (she likes him) was passing notes and on the note we were talking about him and he kept trying to see what I was saying. Then later on while he was still blabbing to me he had asked me if he get on my nerves and I was like "yes, yes you do" and he was smiling and said "well ima just get on your nerves more" and I was like "ugh" and while I wasn't looking, he was staring at me because I could see from the corner of my eye. Then he had asked me where I live and that we're going to fight at 8:40 tomorrow, lol. So, do this boy like me or something? He seriously gets on my nerves. @Paris13 , @PrettyRican , @Applefan1 can you please answer this one :)


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  • O my gosh Ashely he wants you so bad. The constant smiling and being obsessed with everything you do are massive signs of how much he likes you and wants you. Like @Paris13 said he will not give up on this. He is obsessed with you. The thing with people that are this obsessed with you is that if you don't like them back and you don't want to date them when they finally realise that they can become very mean and nasty to you. Love can be strange at times.

    Hope this helps Ashely. :)


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  • ... Well ima just get on your nerves more...
    Be prepared more in store, @Ashely_Princess, he has got it Bad and will Not give up. Not even when you think you make him mad.
    He truly has a big crush on you.. No one else will due But... You.
    Good luck. xx


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  • ... I don't agree because you are flirting with him while having a boyfriend. You can get away with it when you are young. As for this, if he really got on your nerves you would tell him that you want him to stop, right now he doesn't know where to stop because he has no boundaries. Set them, make sure he knows you don't like it instead of gaming him. That will solve your problems.


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