Girls, got feelings for a friend, went on a date, She only wanted to be friends and wasn't ready for relationship, she got in one and I cut her off?

Got feelings for a friend a little under a year ago and I asked her out in a date. She said she wasn't ready for a relationship right now and wanted to be just friends. At the time I was going through some other things and I didn't realize that I wasn't myself until a later date which I then explained to her. We continued to be friends and she kind of started to distance herself, but then I was able to gain control of the friendship again. We then didn't see each other for three months but I would text her every once and a while to check in with her and see how she was doing. Which she always responded with lengthy responses and asked questions about my life. The next time I saw her in person I asked if she wanted to catch up and get a drink one night. She said she would let me know and then texted me saying she was seeing someone else. I ended up ending the friendship because I felt like she had lied to me from the beginning about not wanting a relationship. she has told me that she enjoys being around me and cares about me. My question is, how do girls feel when you cut off a friendship due to something like this? I basically told her it wasn't fair for me because she had lead me on for so long and then when I do something she backs away like that. I know I have to stick with my decision but I kinda hope it makes her realize how good she had it because I did treat her right, but she treated me like shit at some points. For example, she came over to my house with friends and completely ignored me, but other times acted like nothing even happened. I even asked her if there was anybody else and she replied with a "no". But this new guy has been her childhood friend Since elementary school which also seems odd.


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  • She probably wanted to keep you as a friend and thought that if she let you know that she has feelings for someone else, your friendship would end. Another reason, could be that her feelings for her childhood friend were unexpected and well she just followed her heart. It's not like someone can willfully fall in love. Your heart does as it wants which is why there are those who beat themselves up (not literally) for falling in love with the person they fell in love with; but they couldn't help it.


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