Never been kissed?

My best guy friend confided and me his three most secret things that even his best friends he has known his entire life don't know... I have the biggest crush on him and I have found out that he thinks he's bisexual he has never had a girlfriend or boyfriend and never kissed anyone and he is extremely painfully shy unless he's with me them he's only shy and the wrong ways.., my friends all say that I should just kiss him. And get it over with but I fear what could happen. I really want to tho And plus we are graduating this year and May never get another shot... What should I do?

This Saturday is the winter formal and we are going together could that be the moment ... Like when he drops me off at my house that night?


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  • SO let me get this "straight" (see what I did there lol)..

    He never kissed a girl not even a boy and he thinks he is bisexual..Mmmm..oookkkk..

    My advice, go for it..kiss the guy..Turn him to the Dark Force :D


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  • i know it may be more of a challeging and you probably don't want to hear it but...kiss him!

    i wish I were in your position. And think of it this way, if he rejects you, your graduating, and will never have to see him again.

    i really want to know how it goes.

    hell probably thank you for the experience anyway.

    how long have you known him?

    • I've known him since aug and since thn you don't see one of us with out the other being close behind or right beside.... Like he asked me to be their team basketball manager and we go to movies and to eat and the mall all the time which I'm not even sure if those are dates but it's the closest I've ever had to thm

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