Is it wrong for a guy to go after a girl who his friend is trying to ask out?

My friend started flirting with this girl and he plans on asking her out, but now one of our other friends is flirting with her. He claims that he's not flirting but I don't believe him. He's being a real douche and I think he's just intimidated that another guy is trying to seek a relationship. But what I want to know is if it's wrong for him since he doesn't really like her and is just doing it to do it.


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  • Um... YAH. Asshole. That's one thing that Girl and Guy Code have in common. Don't go after a friends girl/guy. Not cool.


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  • Not wrong at all.

  • So who doesn't like her? First or second guy?

    • Second guy doesn't

    • So why isn't the first guy doing anything about it?

    • He's telling him to stop but we know they'll start fighting and we don't want that

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