Who is the fun one in your relationship?

I was just thinking about what we're going to do on our next date - it's fun to switch things up and do something unexpected and was struck by inspiration. However, that got me to thinking - I wonder how much balance there is an a relationship on average. In your relationship, who plans dates and activities?
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  • It goes back and fourth but we are different and something's he likes to do I despise very much! And things I choose to do he's semi okay with! I'm more one on one and he likes groups. The only time he loves to be alone is if we are going to hit the sheets! :/

    • Do you have things you enjoy to do together? Are there more of those?

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    • Ok, and maybe that works for you. One of the things I discovered as my marriage was ending is that I wanted to be with someone that enjoyed many of the things that I enjoy - not everything, it's great to bring something of your individuality to the relationship, but it's really great to want to do lots of things together. That's my opinion after surviving a long, bad relationship and beginning a new happy one.

    • You have a great point. That is true. It's nice to meet someone as well that will show you new things that you'd enjoy! But even better when it's many of the same things

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  • I don't keep a record of stuff like this but at least it feels like an equal share to me.


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What Girls Said 4

  • Eh... he's the one who typically comes up with stuff to do... and I'm a bit of a spaztic loose cannon. He says dating me is like winding up a jack in the box. Everything is fun and chill and then I explode and come up with something crazy.

    We're pretty equal. He's just more frequent, smaller doses of fun and I'm more explosive, less frequent intense doses of fun.

  • I feel like I'd be the more fun one in a relationship. I would rather go out and laser tag or rock climb than stay how on the couch netflixing. I'm not saying it's a bad thing to do and I don't mind doing it, but I'd like to go out for an adventure.

  • Well we plan dates equally but he comes up with more interesting and fun ideas. He's more fun than I am, I guess. I try though...

  • its equal.


What Guys Said 1

  • Well I'm a person that likes to have a schedule but at the same time I have a rather random, quirky and spontaneous nature about me sometimes sooo lol.


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